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Lady J Manufacturer

Every business every product relies on quality, timely , cost effective and thoughtful execution to meet customer demands. As a leaving U.S based ODM/OEM our turnkey solutions enable our global clients.  From custom formulation to full fillment we are a ONE STOP shop!    

From new ideas to the enhancement of existing product, we have the tools, the process , the equipment and the people to meet your needs and WOW your customers.

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Industry Leading Turnaround Times

We continue to raise the industry bar in terms of bringing you the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable services. Manufacturing Process time: 2 to 3 week turnaround time.

Quality Products

We ensure the product quality that is our main goal. We make the process easy with reasonable minimum order quantities and fast quoting.

World-Class Production Capacity

We make sure that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for the fastest turnaround times in the business!

Online Support

We know what stands out to customers and what doesn’t. We ensure the product quality that you can trust easily.